hotelbird - Die Nummer 1 Check-in/out Lösung.

The number 1

Hotels of all sizes rely on the digital,
contactless check-in/out solution from
hotelbird – to reduce costs sustainably
and inspire your guests.

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We provide the core technology for every host
to operate profitable and give every guest
a great experience with our digital services.

Simple, intuitive and secure.

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Check-in/out can be carried out very easily and smoothly via the browser on your own smartphone or laptop.

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Completely contactless. Guests use their own smartphones to handle check-in/out, room access and payment completely independently and digital.

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100% of our guests carry out their own check-in/out, keycard issuance and payment directly on site at our stylish Self-Service Terminal.

What customers say about us.

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“The nice thing about the hotelbird solution is the additional comfort that Lindner Hotels can offer their technology-savvy guests. The response of our guests who use the various hotelbird functions has been excellent. Furthermore, our staff consider the complete integration into our existing guest journey to be very helpful. It’s been very well received.”

Otto Lindner
CEO Lindner Hotels & Resorts
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“Urban hotel culture is smart, mobile, and fun—and hotelbird offers the ideal mobile tools for this purpose. They cover the check-in, digital key, payment, and check-out, which can be done on the way to the next destination.”

David Etmenan
Chief Executive Officer & Owner der NOVUM Hospitality
hotel check in matthias heck - hotelbird GmbH

“Just over two years ago, hotelbird struck me as a promising BYOD tool for young and mobile frequent travelers. Now, it’s a highly successful all-round digitization package for hotel chains of all target groups. Deutsche Hospitality is pleased to have been a hotelbird development partner from the beginning with IntercityHotels. Now we are preparing to use it with our other three hotel brands as well.”

Matthias Heck
Chief Executive Officer, Spokesman of the Management Board
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“hotelbird hasn’t just made checking into the hotel easier and faster. Using the app, we can also point out additional services and thus generate more satisfied guests and additional revenue. The guest can easily separate private and business matters in the app and then receive separate bills, which can of course also be paid via a mobile device.”

Joachim Marusczyk
CEO IntercityHotel GmbH
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“hotelbird really understood what a hotelier needs these days: simple and easily controllable processes in a familiar booking system, without additional costs for hardware or a second system that simultaneously requires maintenance. The hotelbird app supports the employees instead of confusing them through a complex operating process. This promotes agreeance and yields acceptance.”

Dr. Peter Agel
Travel Technology Executive Oracle Corporation
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“A hip and easy-to-use technology like hotelbird aligns perfectly with our modern and hip Super 8. Our guests, who oftentimes are digital natives, appreciate the fact that state-of-the-art technology allows us to offer a better travel experience while providing more time for real conversations instead of, say, asking for address details.”

Heiko Grote
Founder and CEO, GSH

Our promise.

hotelbird - Many years of experience

Many years of experience

Through our many years of expertise in the hotel industry (> 5 years, > 500 hotel projects with > 50 partners) and the successful cooperation with the leading hotel companies in Germany, we accompany our customers and guarantee a sustainable cost reduction.

hotelbird - Fully integrated

Fully integrated

We integrate ourselves into your system landscape and automatically exchange information on digital guest travel through our standardized partner interfaces. We always keep the partner integrations up to date and develop them further.

hotelbird - Reliable legal conformity

Reliable legal conformity

DSGVO, PSD2, PCI, the new digital registration law – we enable you to handle all your processes in compliance with the law. To increase security, we regularly carry out system-wide penetration tests with external experts.


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State tailwind for your hotel processes!

All types of hotel operations can receive the new BMWI funding of up to EUR 50,000 for the digitization of their check-in / out processes. We support you from the application to the distribution.

Customers who operate successfully with hotelbird.

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