One platform
for all channels!

The Hotelbird Platform serves all
channels of the customer journey – in every package.

Not only Web, but all channels included!

Why choose one channel when you can have them all? With the Hotelbird Platform you offer your guest the freedom to decide how, when and where to check-in. With just one platform, we provide you and your guest with different channels for check-in/out. Check-in on the train ride with the Hotelbird App or simply on the Web, enjoy your stay and quickly pay and check-out at the Terminal on the day of departure, no problem!

Kanal Web De - Hotelbird GmbH


The check-in/out can be handled very easily and conveniently via the browser on your own smartphone or laptop.

Kanäle- App


Completely contactless. With their own smartphone, guests handle their check-in/out, room access and payment completely independently and digitally.

Kanäle- Terminal


100% of guests independently perform check-in/out, keycard issuance and payment directly on-site at our Terminal.

Kanäle- Self-Service Terminal

Self-Service Terminal

Handle five services through one device. With the Self-Service Terminal you offer your guests a digital 24/7 reception in one device.


Through our interface with, you enable your guests to have a seamless guest journey in the environment.

Kanäle- Open API

Open API

Fully connect the Hotelbird Platform with your systems and use our functions in the background.

Experience our features live!

In a live demo, we will introduce you to the Hotelbird Platform, answer all your questions and give you tips on how your guests can already experience the future of the hotel industry with you today.