Everything from one source

Our App includes the digital registration form,
the digital key and payment.
This relieves your staff and ensures satisfied hotel guests.

The Hotelbird App

The smartphone becomes an all-rounder. With our App, your guests can check in completely contactless, access their room via digital key, pay independently and check out. Additional information about the hotel or the operation of lifts and other public doors are also possible. 

Mobile independence – in your hotel!

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  • Push notification and email invitations
  • Check-in/out without personal
  • Digital key (Digital Key)
  • Contactless up to the room
  • Very easy operation
  • PSD2 / PCI / digital registration form / DSGVO compliant
  • Supports all types of bookings (OTAs)
  • Compatible with all leading PMS and locking systems
  • Information about the hotel and surroundings

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Our channels at a glance


Check-in/out can be handled very easily and conveniently via the browser on your smartphone or laptop.

Self-Service Terminal

Handle five services via one device. With the Self-Service Terminal, you offer your guests a digital 24/7 reception desk.


Completely contactless. Guests use their own smartphones to handle check-in/out, room access and payment completely independently and digital.

Through our interface with, you enable your guests to have a seamless guest journey in the environment.


100% of guests independently perform check-in/out, keycard issuance and payment directly on site at our Terminal.

Open API

Fully connect the Hotelbird Platform to your systems and use our functions in the background.

Individual like your guests.

Make yourself a bit more independent and make your operations more secure. By using digital, you save costs and resources – at the same time you offer a noticeable added value for your guests and staff.

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