Firmly connected
with our partners

Stable 2-way interfaces to leading
providers let our platform integrate flexibly.

One platform for many interfaces

Since its foundation, Hotelbird has built up a large network of partners in the hotel industry and in the area of digital services – which are part of a seamless guest journey. Due to the system-neutral conception and open interfaces of Hotelbird from the beginning, the partner network is continuously growing. Continuous updates and further developments with our partners represent the most stable basis and highest selection of integrations today. The Hotelbird Platform can therefore connect very quickly and securely with existing systems.


PMS Integrations

Big and new names of property management systems are already connected to the Hotelbird Platform. The heart of every hotel can be extended with additional time-saving digital services. The data flow into the PMS can be linked fully automated and represents an enormous added value for any hotel.

Locking system integrations

For every common hotel locking system Hotelbird has the perfect integration solution ready. Simply connected, we can transfer the digital services to your locking system and integrate e.g. the digital access control via mobile key. The smartphone of your guests then becomes the door opener.


Payment Integrations

Secure, fast and professional payment is only one interface away for all hotels. Through the fixed connection of all current market-leading payment providers, you have the highest possible flexibility.

Your benefits with our integrations


It is only through the close partner network of booking system, property management system (PMS), access control and check-in/out to payment that Hotelbird’s uniquely completely digital, seamless customer journey is even possible.

Partner neutral

The hotel provides its technology – Hotelbird its solutions that connect them. Neutrality in the cooperation with technology partners and close collaboration with all well-known providers of PMS or access control systems has always distinguished Hotelbird.


Experienced partners at all critical interfaces guarantee professionalism and data security of the overall solution used.

System neutral

Whether PMS, locking system or payment solution: The Hotelbird platform offers the technically necessary infrastructure to exclude no system partners. – The seamless guest journey is thus guaranteed.