Digital access control

Digital door opening

Quickly and securely to your room.
With Hotelbird, for example, your smartphone becomes
becomes a digital room key.

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Comfort core function access management

What’s the point of the most beautiful, lightning-fast online booking if there’s then a queue at reception between the guest and the room key? The digital access control solutions of the Hotelbird Platform prevent this reliably and securely. Depending on the desired level of digitization, it is possible to let the guest access his room immediately and without detours. This creates completely new possibilities for you as a hotelier, such as a digital 24/7 reception.


As fast as it is simple: The digital key or QR code for conversion into a keycard comes directly to the cell phone – the guest receives his access authorizations directly in his own hand on the day of arrival.


Many paths lead to the booked room: Depending on the locking system, digital access control is possible – directly via digital key on the smartphone or via code conversion to a keycard.

For authorized persons only

Welcome! – A push notification to the cell phone signals: the guest’s digital key is now available. If no room number is stored in the PMS, the system can independently assign a free room.

The smarte, elegant doorway for your guests

With the digital key, your guest can get directly to their room without waiting. Those who do not have a smartphone can optionally use the Self-Service Terminal in the hotel lobby and simply generate their keycard. From now on, your guest decides how and when to check in and move into their room

With the digital access control you relieve your reception and offer guests more freedom and comfort with their room access. Your staff can now finally concentrate on important things again and devote themselves 100% to the wishes of your guests.


Your benefits:

  • Relief of the reception
  • No waiting times
  • Contactless room access
  • Full range of functions
  • BLE- door opening and online key (Wifi)
  • Automatic room assignment in case of missing assignment
  • Securely encrypted coding and decoding methods
  • Partner and system neutral

More flexibility in room access

Digitale room access

The digital key turns your smartphone into a room key

  • Even before arrival, the guest checks in via app or browser on the smartphone or laptop. Alternatively, an iPad is available in the hotel lobby.
  • The customer receives the digital key on the day of arrival either in his App or by E-mail and can use it to simply open the doors with his smartphone.
  • Customers who do not have a smartphone at hand can easily create a room card on the iPad at check-in.

Quite simply generate keycard at Self-Service Terminal

  • Even before arrival, the guest checks in via App or browser on the smartphone or laptop. Alternatively, an iPad is available in the hotel lobby.
  • Via the Web or App check-in before arrival, the guest receives a QR code, which he brings with him to his arrival.
  • Alternatively, it is also possible to store the QR code in the smartphone wallet.
  • The customer simply creates the room card on the day of arrival by scanning the QR code at the Hotelbird Self-Service Terminal and then goes to his room.

Digitale room access

Our qualified locking system partners

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Experience our features live!

In a live demo, we will introduce you to the Hotelbird Platform, answer all your questions and give you tips on how your guests can already experience the future of the hotel industry with you today.

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All features at a glance

Digital guest directory

Comprehensive hotel information in a collected digital guest directory.

Digital guest mailing

Easy and digital communication with your guests via email

Digital registration form

Legally compliant registration form for easy recording of guest data.

Digital check-in/out

Contactless, hygienic digital check-in from the German market leader.

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Digital access control

Opening the hotel room door with just one click via smartphone.

Digital management

Guest data management with statistics, metrics, search functions, etc.

Digital payment

Pay when you want. Conveniently on the go, anywhere.

More functions

We are constantly developing new features, look forward to more features in 2023