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Simple guest communication

Reach your guests at any time through automated and personalized emails or push notifications in your own hotel branding.

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Automated and personalized emails and push notifications for hotels

Hotelbird’s guest communication allows you to always be in direct contact with your guests. Quickly and easily inform them about special events and offer unique and personalized deals directly through automated email or push notifications. Optimize and simplify your communication with guests and strengthen your customer loyalty.

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Email Invitations

Give your guest communication a professional appearance with personalized emails fully tailored to your guests.

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Your Stuff
Save Time

Automating guest communication frees up time for other tasks, thereby improving guest service.

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Existing High-Quality
Email Templates

Simply use our high-quality, optimized email templates and customize them to your preferences.

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Email Dispatch

Set specific points in the guest journey, triggered by events such as “Digital Check-in,” where your guests automatically receive emails and push notifications.

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Email Dispatch

Communicate in your guests’ languages and take advantage of the ability to send emails in multiple languages.

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Boost Your Sales
Without Extra Effort

Send upgrade options and special offers directly and automatically to your guests via email or push notification.


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“Those who use technology to reduce unnecessary processes and costs not only offer their guests a contemporary guest journey, but also have greater financial resources to pursue sustainable goals.”

Cooperation with trustworthy partners

Your simple and personalized guest communication

We cater entirely to you: Depending on your wishes and requirements for your new, professional guest communication, we will jointly find the right package combination for you. This way, you only pay for what you really need!

per room per month.


In addition to automated processes, our platform offers flexibility through manual message sending. This feature allows for resending messages or sending payment links to ensure guests receive important information when needed.

We have a standard configuration with default templates containing key messages for guests, which can be used ‘plug & play’ without any configuration effort.

Use our app for Android and iOS to send push notifications directly to your guests’ devices. These notifications are delivered through the Hotelbird app, available for download on the Apple and Google app stores, providing a direct and effective communication channel.

Our range of optimized standard templates can be customized with color and logo to reflect your brand identity. Templates include: booking confirmation with or without QR code, payment receipt, pre-check-in invitation, check-in pass including wallet pass, review link, booking cancellation, check-out invitation with or without QR code, and ‘room is ready’ notification.

Gain access to detailed analytics on the performance of various messaging configurations and templates. These insights assist in optimizing communication strategies for increased engagement and effectiveness.


Create custom message templates from scratch or modify our standard templates to better suit the language and design of your brand. This flexibility ensures that your communication is personalized and effective.

The creation of such individual templates is explicitly not part of this function. This function allows the hotel the possibility to use individual email templates. The corresponding template must be provided by the customer in the form of HTML or MJML code.

The number of possible message configurations is unlimited, offering high flexibility to meet all your communication needs.

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