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24/7 check-in/out für
serviced apartments

Intelligent 2-way interfaces to PMS, payment and locking systems enable your guests to enjoy a digital customer journey.

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Digital solutions for serviced apartments

Hotelbird is specialized in the automation of check-in/out processes and with its 2-way interfaces a seamless guest data flow and effective relief at the reception desks of your hotels can be guaranteed.

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Challenges of serviced apartments

  • No classic 24/7 reception
  • Desire for full automation
  • No employee on site (no manager on duty)
  • Lean cost structure, few journeys, long length of stay
  • A fully automated digital guest journey creates positive ROI
  • Individual needs for long-stay guests

of Hotelbird

  • Provision of a 24/7 check-in/out option, also with the self-service terminal (hardware product from Hotelbird)
  • With the Professional Plus package, a 100% digital guest journey including mobile check-in/out is possible
  • Reduced workload for employees thanks to high digital usage rate, conservation of resources through digitalization
  • Flexible room moves can be mapped in myHotelbird

Core features for your guests

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Online check-in/out

Never again stand in line at check-in: Hotelbird offers variable solutions for guest check-in via app, web or local terminal. Enter data once, use it always.

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Mobile Payment

Payment on the way. Everything with just one click. No matter which channel was used for check-in. Secure payment is a natural with Hotelbird.

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Access Control

With guaranteed secure access control, you give your guests freedom. Whether with their own smartphone or keycard, only the right person is granted access to the room.

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With the Self-Service Terminal, we provide our guests with an intuitive, easy-to-use 24/7 reception desk,
which has met with widespread response.

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Would you like to learn more about our solutions for serviced apartments?

Speak with us and let us show you the possibilities of digital processes in your business model.

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Learn more about our products

Self-Service Terminal

All in one – with our Self-Service Terminal. Combine encoder, keycards and terminal screen in one device.

Guest channels

Why choose one channel when you can have them all? Choose between Web, App, Progressive Web App…