Done online

Our web service includes
the legally compliant digital
registration form, payment
and eliminates annoying waiting times.

The Hotelbird Web

A learned process from airlines for the hotel industry! With Hotelbird Web your guests gain valuable time and hoteliers noticeably relieve their employees. All formalities can be completed before the hotel stay. Web works on the smartphone, tablet, or any other browser application, without any App download.

Online check-in – completely normal!

Web Hotelbird
  • No app download required in advance
  • Check-in/out without personnel
  • Processing possible for every guest
  • Simple user interface
  • QR code check-in pass
  • PSD2/PCI/Digital registration form/DSGVO-compliant
  • Supports all types of bookings (OTAs)
  • Compatible with all leading PMS and locking systems
  • Usable in any browser application

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Our channels at a glance


Check-in/out can be handled very easily and conveniently via the browser on your smartphone or laptop.

Self-Service Terminal

Handle five services via one device. With the Self-Service Terminal, you offer your guests a digital 24/7 reception desk.


Completely contactless. Guests use their own smartphones to handle check-in/out, room access and payment completely independently and digital.


Through our interface with Booking.com, you enable your guests to have a seamless guest journey in the Booking.com environment.


100% of guests independently perform check-in/out, keycard issuance and payment directly on site at our Terminal.

Open API

Fully connect the Hotelbird Platform to your systems and use our functions in the background.

A digital simplification for guests and hoteliers

Digital support for every day recurring tasks is no longer a rarity, but normality. Your hotel and your guests will immediately feel the freedom and independence!

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