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The digital check-in/out for your hotel

The easy and digital check-in for your guests for only 0.99 EUR per room per month!

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The digital check-in for your hotel guests

With Hotelbird, check-in becomes modern and easy! Hotel guests can conveniently digitally check in at the reception using their own smartphone or tablet, without queues or stress. The full PMS integration eases the workload for your hotel staff and automatically transfers guest data into your PMS system. And it works seamlessly even without an app!

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A quick check-in, secured by the SCA procedure and a forecast balance and fixed amount

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Legally compliant and
digital registration certificate

Efficient, paperless processing is ensured by the digital registration form

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PMS data transmission

Automatic PMS check-in with definable start/end time and a preset check-in time frame

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No queues
for your guests

We guarantee a smooth check-in without waiting times for your hotel guests

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check-in rate

The high check-in rate of more than 55% is achieved through intuitive technology

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Email invitation

Personalized email invitations with your hotel branding – digital and personal

How the digital check-in works

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“Our collaboration with Hotelbird has proven to be extremely beneficial for us, as they exemplify and implement our vision of a fully digital guest journey excellently. Particularly in a time when the demand for contactless services is rapidly increasing, we are thrilled to be among the pioneers of this groundbreaking development as an internationally operating hotel chain.”

More channels for more check-ins

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Web (PWA)

Check-in/out can be handled very easily and conveniently via the browser on your own smartphone or laptop.

Digital check-in/out


Using their own smartphone, guests handle their check-in/out, room access and payment completely independently and digitally.

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iPad / Terminal

100% of guests independently perform check-in/out, keycard issuance and payment directly on site at our self-service terminal.

Kiosk Kanal - Hotelbird GmbH


The kiosk solution at the highest quality standard for 24/7 staff-less and fully automated check-in and check-out at the hotel.


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Through our interface with Booking.com, you enable your guests to have a seamless guest journey in the Booking.com environment.

Compatible PMS systems

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Low price, high added value for your hotel guests

Online Check in - Hotelbird GmbH

0.99 cents
per room
per month

(Cancellable monthly)

Min. €69 / month
Your PMS provider may require a license fee for the use of the Hotelbird interface.

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Offer your guests a digital customer journey
and relieve your reception.

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Learn more in our FAQ section

How does the digital check-in work?

Hotelbird’s online check-in process is designed to provide your guests with a seamless and hassle-free check-in experience. Once a booking is made, guests receive an email invitation with a direct link to online check-in prior to arrival. By clicking on this link, they will be redirected to a secure platform where they can confirm their personal information and digitally complete all necessary check-in formalities. The process is intuitively designed and takes only a few minutes, making arrival at the hotel faster and less stressful.

Are the guests automatically invited?

Yes, if an e-mail address is stored in the reservation, the guest will be invited automatically.

Is an app required for check-in?

“No, there are other check-in options such as the web browser or a terminal in the hotel lobby. Exclusively with Hotelbird, guests who have booked through Booking.comcan also check in directly there (can be activated/deactivated as desired).”

Which PMS systems are compatible?

Wir sind kompatibel mit einer vielzahl von PMS Systemen. Dazu gehören: Sihot, Apaleo, Protel on Premise, Protel Air, Oracle, Oracle Cloud, Suite 8, Guestline und weitere. Eine detaillierte Übersicht finden Sie hier: https://hotelbird.com/produkte/integrationen/

Do I need a tablet at the reception?

A tablet is not mandatory, but a complete digitalization of the check-in process can save the hotel a lot of time and work.

Can I cancel monthly?

Our contract terms are usually 2 years.

Does the check-in also work with Booking.com bookings?

Ja, Booking-Gäste können den Online Check-in wie jeder andere Gast nutzen. Optional können Sie für Booking.com Gäste unseren speziellen Kanal aktivieren, der im vertrauten Umfeld zusätzlichen Komfort bietet.