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Intelligent 2-way interfaces to PMS, payment and locking systems enable your guests to enjoy a digital customer journey.

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Business Hotels - Hotelbird GmbH

Solutions for business hotels

Hotelbird is specialized in the automation of check-in/out processes and with its 2-way interfaces a seamless guest data flow and effective relief at the reception desks of your hotels can be guaranteed.

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Challenges of business hotels

  • Digital interaction options for guests
  • Fast check-in/out, payment
  • Concentration on normal hotel services (housekeeping, etc.) due to short stays
  • Company invoice must be able to be issued
  • Booking of stays via OTAs

of Hotelbird

  • Pre-check-in and after check-out payment possible
  • Enormous acceleration of the check-in process by opening the door with your own smartphone
  • Reception contact no longer necessary
  • Simple issuing of invoices to business addresses, invoice item split

Functions for your guests

Check in - Hotelbird GmbH

Online check-in/out

Never again stand in line at check-in: Hotelbird offers variable solutions for guest check-in via App, Web or local Terminal. Enter data once, use it always.

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Mobile Payment

Payment on the way. Everything with just one click. No matter which channel was used for check-in. Secure payment is a natural with Hotelbird.

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Access Control

With guaranteed secure access control, you give your guests freedom. Whether with their own smartphone or keycard, only the right person is granted access to the room.

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Would you like to learn more about our solutions for business hotels?

Speak with us and let us show you the possibilities of digital processes in your business model.

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Stable 2-way interfaces to leading providers lets our platform integrate flexibly.

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