Everything from one source.

Our app includes the digital registration form,
the mobile room key and payment.
This relieves your staff and ensures satisfied hotel guests.


The smartphone becomes an all-rounder. With our App, your guests can check-in completely contactless, enter the room via mobile key, pay independently and check-out. Additional information about the hotel or the operation of lifts and other public doors is also possible. Mobile independence – in your hotel!

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  • Push notification and e-mail invitations
  • Check-in/out without personal
  • Digital key (mobile key)
  • Contactless up to the room
  • Very easy operation
  • PSD2 / PCI / digital registration form / DSGVO compliant
  • Supports all types of bookings (OTAs)
  • Compatible with all leading PMS and locking systems
  • Information about the hotel and surroundings

How it works:

hotel checkin solution app userjourney 02 de - Hotelbird GmbH

1. Check-in invitation

On the day of arrival, the guest will receive an e-mail invitation for online check-in. Alternatively, the booking can also be accessed via by entering the guest’s last name and reservation number.

hotel checkin solution app userjourney 03 de - Hotelbird GmbH

2. Fill in the registration form

Data relevant to the registration form is queried and stored in the user profile for future check-ins. A business billing address, reason for stay and an identification card query are optional.

hotel checkin solution app userjourney 04 de - Hotelbird GmbH

3. Enter payment details

An SCA is carried out via credit card to create a legally compliant digital registration form. A prepayment or card authorization is optionally possible.

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4. Digital key

As soon as the guest’s room is ready for occupancy on the day of arrival, he receives his digital key (mobile key) and can access his room without contacting reception.

hotel checkin solution app userjourney 06 de - Hotelbird GmbH

5. On site information

Use the App to provide your guests with individual information about the facilities and surroundings of your hotel.

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6. Check folio

The guest receives an overview of all open items. Items from a business invoice address are displayed separately.

hotel checkin solution app userjourney 08 de - Hotelbird GmbH

7. Execute payment

Whether by credit card or alternative payment methods – your guests pay securely and PSD2 compliant. Different payment methods are possible for private and business invoices. Chargebacks are prevented by the SCA procedure.

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8. Get PDF invoice

After a successful check-out, the guest receives the invoice conveniently as a PDF by e-mail.

hotel check in smartphone app - Hotelbird GmbH

Individual like your guests.

Make yourself a bit more independent and make your operations more secure. By using digital, you save costs and resources – at the same time you offer a noticeable added value for your guests and staff.