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AWA Hotel in Munich offers guests digital check-in/out from Hotelbird


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“Do everything carefully” is Anita Wandinger’s motto. The young hotel founder has opened the Munich city boutique hotel AWA Hotel in 2019 and deliberately sets herself apart from other city hotels with her concept. In the 88 rooms and suites of the 4-star hotel, located in the heart of the state capital, the focal points of Awareness, Women and Arts are reflected in a versatile way. Host Anita Wandinger also deliberately opted for the contactless check-in/out, which her guests have been able to use since this year.

The young entrepreneur took advantage of the Corona-related lockdown and, in collaboration with Hotelbird, gave the reception desk a digital update. Via app or conveniently at the Self-Service Terminal in the lobby, guests now take care of all important formalities such as check-in, issuing the digital registration form, keycard generation or payment. “I actually had the idea of enabling digital check-in/out when the hotel opened,” says Anita Wandinger. “However, other things were more important then at first. But now, in the Corona crisis, the topic has become red-hot again. The contactless solution helps to minimize the risk of infection.”


Digital services in action

  • Contactless check-in/out with the Hotelbird App or on site at the Self-Service Terminal
  • Digital registration form
  • Door opening via keycard or smartphone
  • Mobile payment on all channels
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The option to check in without staff not only excites guests, but also provides the necessary relief for reception staff. According to Anita Wandinger, this is a point that will become enormously important in the future: “The Hotelbird App and the Self-Service Terminal act like additional employees who are ready for action around the clock. The shortage of skilled workers is visibly intensifying due to the effects of the Corona crisis. We are therefore open to smart solutions that are both cost-efficient and exceedingly guest-friendly.” The young entrepreneur also sees the use of forward-looking technology as an important competitive advantage in a highly competitive market environment:

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“As a small individual hotel, we have to stand out from other accommodations and adapt to changing guest expectations. Our guests really appreciate the flexibility and freedom that digital services offer them.”


So far, online check-in has been available to them in addition to the reception desk. In the medium term, however, the entrepreneur would like to rely entirely on contactless solutions: “The plan for the future is that at some point there will no longer be a classic reception desk. The staff in the catering area will then be trained accordingly to be able to help guests if they have problems checking in/out independently.”

A platform for the 100 percent digital guest journey

Hotelbird has proven to be the perfect partner for the Munich-based boutique hotel. Building a sustainable product that frees front desk staff from repetitive tasks and offers a real alternative for guests proves that the 100 percent digital guest journey also works in the individual hotel industry.

With our multi channel platform, we support all businesses, from small boutique hotels to chain hotels, in operating efficiently and providing guests with a secure and convenient guest journey,” explains Juan A. Sanmiguel, founder and CEO of Hotelbird. Thanks to intelligent interfaces, the integration of the Hotelbird technology into the existing system landscape of the hotel is extremely simple. After a short briefing, employees can easily operate the software.

Anita Wandinger, who largely dispenses with plastic in her hotel and supports charitable organizations, sees even more advantages in digital service: “These solutions are significantly more environmentally friendly and conserve valuable resources – an important argument for me personally, but also for many of our guests, who place great value on sustainability.

The convenience factor is also playing an increasingly important role, she adds: “Online or app solutions are much more practical for customers, as the cell phone is less likely to be forgotten in the room than a keycard, for example. And check-in can be done independently on the train or during the cab ride before arrival.” The Self-Service Terminal in the lobby of the AWA Hotel, which is available 24 hours a day and combines five services in one device, is also proving to be a real all-rounder. In addition to check-in and the digital registration form, it also issues keycards, processes customer payments and handles check-out.

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Hotelbird and AWA hotel

Facts & Figures

  • Use of the Pro Plus solution from Hotelbird
  • Equipment for operation with 88 rooms and suites
  • Hotel equipped with two Self-Service Terminal

Despite the Corona crisis and uncertain business prospects, the young entrepreneur remains confident and is looking for a location for a second hotel in Munich. And there, too, guests should then have the freedom to check in and out digitally.

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