100% Self-Service.

The Terminal on site complements
Web & App. Your guests can use it
to check in/out, create their own key
and pay.


An all-rounder for your guests and employees. With the Hotelbird Terminal you gain additional support to the daily operations in the hotel business and queues at the reception belong to history. Coupled with your PMS and locking system provider, it is an optimal addition to Hotelbird Web and App. The final piece of the puzzle for a 100% digital guest journey. Gain more time – for your guests!

hotel checkin solution terminal interface - Hotelbird GmbH
  • No expensive hardware necessary
  • Contactless check-in / out without staff
  • Flexible hardware options
  • Uncomplicated keycard creation / several keycards for fellow travelers
  • Very easy operation
  • PSD2 / PCI / digital registration form / DSGVO compliant
  • Modern, slim and stylish design
  • Supports all types of bookings (OTAs)
  • Compatible with all leading PMS and locking systems

How it works:

hotel checkin solution terminal userjourney 02 - Hotelbird GmbH

1. Call up booking

Scan QR code from app or web check-in or use the last name to find the reservation

hotel checkin solution terminal userjourney 03 - Hotelbird GmbH

2. Fill in the registration form

Optionally, a business billing address, the reason for the stay and an identification document can be requested.

hotel checkin solution terminal userjourney 04 - Hotelbird GmbH

3. Enter payment details

A SCA (strong customer authentication) is carried out via credit card to create the legally compliant digital registration form. Prepayment or authorization of the card can be carried out additionally.

hotel checkin solution terminal userjourney 05 - Hotelbird GmbH

4. Generate key card

The QR code on the check-in pass is scanned at the terminal on the day of arrival to generate the keycard.

hotel checkin solution terminal userjourney 06 - Hotelbird GmbH

5. Generate additional cards

Your guest can independently generate another key card for fellow travelers.

hotel checkin solution terminal userjourney 07 - Hotelbird GmbH

6. Check folio

On the day of departure, the guest receives an overview of all open items. For business invoice addresses, the items are displayed separately.

hotel checkin solution terminal userjourney 07 - Hotelbird GmbH

7. Execute payment

Whether credit card or alternative payment method – payment is secure and PSD2 compliant. Private and business invoices can use different payment methods. Chargebacks are prevented by the SCA procedure.

hotel checkin solution terminal userjourney 08 - Hotelbird GmbH

8. Sending of invoices

After a successful check-out, the guest receives the invoice conveniently by e-mail as a PDF.

hotel checkin solution terminal - Hotelbird GmbH

The digital all-rounder in your hotel lobby.

With our Hotelbird Terminal you get a flexible, supportive channel, which relieves your hotel operations in the long run and saves costs. Long queues and wrong information at check-in are a thing of the past and you, as a hotelier, can concentrate fully on your guests.