Simply solved.

With our cloud-based check-in/out system you have the complete and integrated solution for digital and contactless guest journey.

Simply solved.

With our cloud-based check-in/out system you have the complete and integrated solution for digital and contactless guest journey.

The digital guest journey

Via the channels App, Web & Terminal we offer your guests a digital and contactless guest journey. For you as a host, this gives you the greatest possible flexibility when integrating it into your existing systems. At its heart, our cloud-based check-in/out system automatically controls the exchange of information between guests and the various partner systems such as PMS, locking system and payment. Thanks to a large number of already permanently connected interfaces, we can quickly connect almost any system.

One solution – that works completely.


Check-in/out can be carried out very easily and conveniently via the browser on your own smartphone or laptop.


Completely contactless. Guests use their own smartphones to handle check-in/out, room access and payment completely independently.


100% of the guests independently carry out check-in/out, keycard issue and payment directly on site at a terminal.

Our promise

Many years of experience

Through our many years of expertise in the hotel industry (> 5 years, > 500 hotel projects with > 50 partners) and the successful cooperation with the leading hotel companies in Germany, we accompany our customers and guarantee a sustainable cost reduction.

Fully integrated

We connect to your system landscape and automatically exchange information on digital guest travel through our standardized partner integrations. We always keep the partner integrations up to date and develop them further.

Reliable legal conformity

DSGVO, PSD2, PCI, the new digital registration law – we enable you to handle all your processes in compliance with the law. To increase security, we regularly carry out system-wide penetration tests with external experts.

The partner integrations

PMS integration

We offer our digital guest journey with a variety of leading PMS providers. Through our integrations, we ensure smooth automation of the processes at any time and reduce manual efforts at the reception.

Lock system integration

We integrate your locking system for automated and contactless access control. We work together with the leading manufacturers of locking systems on the market.

Payment integration

PSD2, digital registration form? No problem. We offer you a secure solution with a free choice of payment providers and guarantee you a legally compliant, digital registration form procedure. At the same time we prevent chargebacks by using the SCA procedure.

Even more possibilities


The sending of the check-in invitation, the configuration of the security question at check-in, the setup of special areas of the hotel or the management of individual guest channels – our backend offers a variety of configuration options.


More flexibility is not possible. Via our API you can integrate our digital guest journey easily and cost-effectively into your existing guest applications, such as website, app, etc. The Look & Feel remains completely in your hands so that you can appear CI-conform to the outside world.

Statistics & Events

In our dashboard, you will receive a daily updated evaluation of the KPIs for check-in, payment, check-out as well as anonymized guest information. You see in real-time who is checking in, opening the door, paying and checking out. Connection problems to partner systems can be detected and reported early.


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