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Customized room access by MIDITEC

Trendsetting technology for hoteliers and guests.

Especially for the requirements of hotel operators, the company MIDITEC develops an independent industry solution for the hotel industry in the field of access control, room automation, time recording and building security. Individually designed hardware components, can be easily adapted to any design concept. Together with MIDITEC, we combine optimized work processes with energy efficiency and design in room control.

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What is the joint product?

Room access smart coordinated

The interface with miditec contains:

  • Interface between MIDITEC and Hotelbird
  • Data transfer between MIDITEC-Basic Software and Hotelbird Cloud
  • Creation of RFID keycards on the Hotelbird Terminal

Customization for hotels and their guests

For the guest, check-in works very simply from now on:

  • Even before arrival, the guest checks in via App or browser on the smartphone or laptop. Alternatively, a Self-Service Terminal is available in the hotel lobby.
  • Via the web or App check-in before arrival, the guest receives a QR code which he brings with him to his arrival.
  • On the day of arrival, the customer simply creates the room card himself by scanning the QR code at the Hotelbird Self-Service Terminal and then goes to his room.
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Would you like to learn more about our partner?

One of the leading providers of innovative hardware and software products for the areas of access control, room automation, time recording and building security. Developed and produced in Bremen, delivered all over the world.


What are the requirements for using the interface?

In order to be able to offer the check-in/out from Hotelbird and the door opening with MIDITEC to your guests, a software license agreement must be concluded with each of the two companies – you must become a customer.
The following product selection and software licenses are available from Hotelbird for using the interface:
– Pro Package PLUS

At our partner Miditec, you need the following product licenses to use the interface
– MTZ Hotel Solution incl. PMS Interface
– MIDITEC Interface – Hotelbird Self-Service

In addition, you should use hardware products from MIDITEC for door opening in your hotel. Please also ask specifically in each case whether the integration to the other partner can be activated in your hotel.

Who do I contact to become a customer?

If you are not yet a customer with both or with one of the companies, please contact us using the contact form above. Your request will be received by both companies and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Can guests also open the room with their smartphone?

No. So far, we only offer door opening with RFID key cards from MIDITEC. We are working on providing another alternative for door opening soon.

How is the integration activated?

The respective project teams will help you with this. If you are already a customer, contact both manufacturers for questions about the availability of the interface in your house. For Hotelbird contact or for MIDITEC contact

Who should I ask if there are problems with the door opening?

Please contact one or even both manufacturers at or contact your support at MIDITEC. Describe the problem as detailed as possible. Which device is used, in which software version and which booking is involved – are there screenshots or a video of the problem progression? – The more information you can provide us with, the faster we can process the problem case.