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Innovative door opening with 4SUITES

Two companies with the same vision: Intelligent software enables a seamless customer journey.

4SUITES successfully manages to ensure the best possible guest experience for room access and the leanest possible hotel operations. 4SUITES’ exceptional access products complement the Hotelbird products perfectly. Together we create a reliable interaction of our products for a new era of hotel check-in, with or without a reception desk.

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What is the joint product?

Flexible door opening with or without native customer app

The integration to 4SUITES includes:

  • Data exchange between the 4SUITES and Hotelbird Clouds
  • Door opening with the smartphone – with or without native app
  • RFID keycard creation

A partnership that is fun

For the guest, check-in works very simply from now on:

  • Even before arrival, the guest checks in via app or browser on the smartphone or laptop. Alternatively, an iPad is available in the hotel lobby.
  • The customer receives the online door key on the day of arrival either in his app or by email and can use it to easily open the doors with his smartphone.
  • Customers who do not have a smartphone at hand can easily create a room card on the iPad at check-in.

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Would you like to learn more about our partner?

The intelligent access platform for the hotel industry. 4SUITES is a system of networked hardware and software, based on the principle of the “Internet of Things”, which provides intelligent access solutions for hotels.

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„We’re really happy with our partnership and integration with Hotelbird. Their leading position and check-in/out technology in the German market will open up doors for hotels and for 4SUITES to help hoteliers to further automate and streamline their daily operations.„

Serge de klerk CMO 4SUITES GmbH


What are the requirements for using the interface?

In order to offer Hotelbird check-in/out and door opening with 4SUITES to your guests, a software license agreement must be concluded with each of the two companies – you must become a customer. In addition, you should use hardware products from 4SUITES for door opening in your hotel. Please also ask specifically in each case whether the integration to the other partner can be activated in your house.

Who do I contact to become a customer?

If you are not yet a customer with both or with one of the companies, please contact us using the contact form above. Your request will be received by both companies and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Can guests who have not checked in via smartphone before arrival still check into their room?

Yes! Check-in on your smartphone is just one of several options we offer your guest. For guests who cannot or do not want to use their smartphone for this purpose, there is the possibility to check in and create a room card at an iPad Terminal in the hotel lobby.

How is the integration activated?

The respective project teams will help you with this. If you are already a customer, contact both manufacturers for questions about the availability of the interface in your house. For Hotelbird contact or for 4SUITES

Who should I ask if there are problems with the door opening?

Please contact one or even both manufacturers at or create a ticket in 4SUITES support here. Describe the problem as detailed as possible. Which device is used, in which software version and which booking is involved – are there screenshots or a video of the problem progress? – The more information you can provide us with, the faster we can process the problem case.

Does the door opening with the smartphone also work without an app?

Yes. Opening the door with a smartphone works simultaneously with and without a native app. How it works: After successful check-in upon the guest’s arrival via Hotelbird, 4SUITES sends an email to the guest containing a link to a web version of the key. With this, the guest can open the room door.