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We are pleased to welcome Kraftcom in our partner directory and would like to introduce our newest member in more detail below.

Ingo Kraft Managing Director

Ingo Kraft

CEO Kraftcom

As the market leader for contactless check-in/out solutions, Hotelbird perfectly complements our infotainment portfolio, which focuses on guest services during the stay in the hotel. We have been continuously developing WLAN, TV and digital signage for more than 20 years and now, with Hotelbird, we can offer our customers additional building blocks for the digital “guest journey”, which thus already begins before entering the hotel.

Dear Mr. Kraft, we are pleased to announce the future cooperation with your company. Please introduce your company to us.

Kraftcom supports the hotel and healthcare market with digital solutions for guests and patients. Since more than 20 years we are providing turnkey LAN/WiFi installations as well as infotainment via TV, telephony, digital signage and voice assistants.

Which changes do you observe in hospitality over the course of the past 5 years in regards to your key business?

WiFi became a mission-critical element and builds the backbone for the hotel digitalization. The guest expects an IT infrastructure, which enables him to utilize his devices like at home. The room telephone has no significance anymore as each guest carries his mobile phone. With the latter he wants to watch his streaming services and mirror the output to the TV. Hence, also the traditional broadcast TV loses importance.

How do you react and readjust to the changing needs of the Industry? How do you readjust your product portfolio and communication?

Thanks to our own R&D team we react quickly to the changing needs of the hotel market and new technologies. Through partnering with companies like Hotelbird we can add components to our product portfolio and offer complete solutions to our customers.

Let’s have a look into the future: Where do you think will technology affect your business and where do you see the most potential in your key business?

The hospitality and healthcare market has a backlog demand in digitalization. We predict not only need for higher bandwidth due to streaming requests, but also request for solutions for process optimization over crosslinked systems, room-/media-control and voice assistance. We do have already solutions for these areas and can fulfill the tomorrow’s market demand.

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