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The new hygiene standard.

Digital solutions are the new hygiene standard in hotels

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The first states have announced specific dates for the reopening of hotels and restaurants. But something will have changed. In a new everyday life where “social distancing” and mandatory masks are omnipresent, every hotel needs a convincing hygiene concept to be considered safe and trustworthy by their guests.

Due to the new hygiene regulations, many hotels have to rethink and face new challenges in guest traffic. Digitization offers different solutions for this, which can be used depending on the system landscape used. Often, further savings potential and great added value for guests lurk in the technical innovations!

Hotels with contactless check-in solutions are undoubtedly ahead of the game, as they can easily implement the new hygiene and spacing regulations, while creating a new and modern type of reception that delights guests. 

We have compiled a number of ways in which the new standards can also contribute to the new “normality” in your home.

Contactless check-in/out with one Terminal We have to keep our distance. What we already know from the windows in front of the supermarket check-out can be solved fully automatically in the hotel with a check-in/out Terminal. This can be flexibly placed in the hotel lobby or entrance area, so that the 1.5 m distance is always guaranteed. A major advantage of these Terminals is their 24-hour operating time, which means that staff shortages can be counteracted even in times of short-time working.

Check-in with your own smartphone (BYOD, bring your own device) We have been doing a lot of our to-dos with our own smartphone for a long time now. The hotel visit is another possibility for this. Guests can check in while they are still at the hotel, and the mobile key sends their virtual key directly to their smartphone. Functions such as the legally compliant digital registration form, payment and check-out are also integrated. This means that there are no more physical points of contact.

Integrating the check-in tablet elegantly into your lobby concept You can also conveniently install the automated check-in/out tablet solution in your own counters, integrate it into your lobby concept and link it to your locking system provider, giving you the greatest possible freedom in the selection of components. This gives you the opportunity to create your own contactless check-in/out areas.

Surfaces easy to clean and disinfect The surfaces of the Terminals are easy and safe to clean. Simply wipe the display with 70% isopropyl alcohol or Clorox disinfectant wipes and the unit is once again hygienically clean for the next guest. To make it even easier for your guests, you can place a small dispenser next to it, just like in the gym.

Bye bye long lines at the reception desk Since digital solutions allow guests to check in and out in advance, long queues at reception are a thing of the past. There is no longer a need for unsightly stickers on the floor to indicate the prescribed spacing, as the strict spacing rules can be adhered to effortlessly. This reduces waiting time and enhances the quality of the hotel stay.

Less unnecessary communication with the guest Filling out information digitally means fewer data entry conversations are needed. All formalities, such as address or date of birth, have already been transferred to the PMS and there are fewer errors that need to be resolved through direct conversations. Digital solutions significantly reduce the burden on operations and eliminate guest contact on unnecessary topics.

Deposit information directly in the App By using the Hotelbird App, it is possible to digitally store relevant information about the hotel. Inquiries at the reception become superfluous, since the information about breakfast times or the offers of the hotel’s own wellness oasis are already available before check-in.

Important component for a hygiene certificate Hygiene standards in hotels can be certified. The DHZ (, for example, issues certificates that document hygiene standards and represent a clear added value for hotels. Due to the corona crisis, contactless check-in has become an important parameter in certification.

The advantages of the Hotelbird platform at a glance:

  • Legally compliant contactless check-in (with digital registration form and payment function)
  • Choice between mobile key via App or check-in/out at the Terminal on site
  • 100 % guest journey contactless possible
  • Numerous PMS and locking systems already permanently connected
  • Distance regulations can be easily maintained via Pre Check-in/out
  • Protection of their own employees, as the risk of infection is minimized
  • The contactless check-in/out with Hotelbird integrates into your existing system landscape
  • Reduction of unnecessary formalities through a holistic, process-optimized solution

New hygiene regulations will significantly change operations in hotels and require new processes. Digital solutions reduce costs and give hoteliers security for the future of their business.

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