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PSD2 compliant payment.

Secure payment using the SCA method.

By now, the EU directive PSD2 is a household name for anyone involved in online payments. As of 14.09.2019, the new regulation came into force, which stipulates that online credit card payments will in future only be carried out using a 3D Secure procedure (also known as SCA). Here, in addition to the previous data, the cardholder will be asked for another parameter that is only accessible to the cardholder during the payment process. This is, for example, a TAN or a fingerprint of the smartphone.

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The background to this is that credit card fraud is made more difficult, or largely excluded, and the procedure is intended to protect both the merchant and the buyer in equal measure. Even before September 14, 2019, it became apparent that many banks would not have implemented the regulation by the deadline, and a grace period was defined until December 31, 2020. In the meantime, the majority of banks are ready for the changeover, so that we and our payment processing partners have also been able to make all the necessary adjustments. Unfortunately, however, it can be assumed that some banks will exhaust the grace period until it expires and will therefore not offer this procedure to their customers until it actually expires. Currently, many banks still require the holder to activate the functionality personally.

The Hotelbird platform still supports both procedures until the deadline and intelligently distinguishes whether the card supports a 3D Secure procedure, or must be processed according to the conventional procedure. By working with the SCA process, we can provide all Hotelbird users with a strong and secure added value when paying.

Here you can see how a check-in using 3D-Secure will look like in the future in our web check-in:

1. find reservation

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The guest will find his reservation by last name and reservation number as usual or will receive an invitation to check-in by e-mail with a direct link to the reservation.

2. start check-in

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Once the booking has been found, the guest can check in as usual.

3. fill in the registration form

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Entering the data relevant to the registration form.

4. specify payment data

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As usual, the guest is asked for his credit card, which is transmitted by the affiliated Hotelbird payment partners to one of the many PSP’s (Payment Service Providers) we support. Hotelbird itself does not come into contact with the card data – these are processed exclusively by our PCI certified partners.

5. 3D-Secure procedure

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The 3D-Secure procedure follows. In this case, the guest was asked about the release of the payment in by means of the bank app, which is unlocked by fingerprint/FaceID.

6. complete check-in

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All further steps are as usual. The guest completes the check-in and receives his check-in pass. Security measures such as pre-payment or pre-authorization are still possible as usual.

7. receive check-in pass

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Sending the check-in pass allows the guest to check-in without any problems.

8. ready

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We wish you a pleasant stay!

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