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ITB Berlin 2023

Thursday, 14.03.2023

A review of the most important trends and new products/features we presented at ITB:

ITB Berlin is one of the most important trade fairs for the travel and hotel industry, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world every year. The content of the various talks and discussions with experts this year focused particularly on the important topics of the future and resilience, digitization, and sustainability.

As the provider of digital guest travel, Hotelbird was once again present this year with their current product portfolio as well as brand new product extensions. If you were unable to attend this year’s ITB, below is an overview of all the important trends and innovations.

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Innovations 2023

Door opening with NFC via Apple Wallet

In collaboration with Assa Abloy, Hotelbird presented for the first time in Europe the possibility of door opening using NFC technology. This innovation generated great interest among hotel customers and there are already numerous installations planned with selected customers. The integration of this promising technology enables an even more comfortable and secure guest experience. To open the room door, all that is needed is to hold an Apple Wallet to the door lock.

Online check-in via HRS for business travelers

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An important trend in the hotel industry is online check-in, which allows guests to quickly and easily check in without having to wait at the reception desk. At this year’s ITB, HRS, in collaboration with its long-time Hotelbird partner Apaleo, presented a new solution for online check-in that will be available through the Apaleo platform. The solution is free for hotels and will be available for download via the Apaleo app store in the coming weeks. This innovative solution will allow business travelers to speed up the individual check-in process. But hotels also benefit from this technology, as it not only streamlines the check-in process but also significantly increases customer satisfaction.

Self-service terminal for online check-in/out

At ITB 2023, Hotelbird also presented another important trend for the hotel industry: self-service terminals for hotels. With the self-service terminals, guests can quickly and easily check in and out and generate their keycards for door access.

The terminals are available in two variants: an affordable, yet high-quality designed variant and an industrial solution that offers automated keycard generation and issuance, a QR scanner, a passport scanner, and a POS for card payments. Both variants are already being used by different target groups and help simplify and significantly accelerate the check-in process.

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Guest Mailing

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Guest mailing is an important trend in the hotel industry driven by the increasing demand for targeted communication with guests. According to a Statista study, more than 3.8 billion people worldwide use emails, indicating that email communication will continue to be an important channel for reaching out to guests.

With Hotelbird’s guest mailing tool, hotels can send personalized and targeted emails to their guests. These emails can range from booking confirmations to special offers and event invitations. The emails can also be designed in the hotel’s corporate identity to strengthen the brand and increase recognition. Additionally, the guest mailing tool allows for the automation of email campaigns, reducing the workload for hotel management. By automatically sending emails to guests in certain situations, hotels can better inform their guests and ensure all-around care.

Our conclusion on ITB 2023

ITB 2023 confirmed the ongoing digitalization in the hotel industry. Innovative technologies such as door opening via NFC, self-service terminals and online check-in via HRS were presented to offer guests an even faster and more efficient service. The increasing importance of guest mailing was also highlighted in order to create personalized and individual offers and strengthen customer loyalty.

The fair once again demonstrated that digitalization continues to play an important role in the hotel industry, providing guests with a personalized experience and lowering operating costs in the long run. Overall, ITB 2023 provided important impulses for the future development of the hotel industry and made it clear that innovative technologies are an important factor for efficiency and customer satisfaction in the industry.

If you have any questions about digitizing and simplifying your hotel processes, please feel free to contact us.