€ 20,000 Bridging Aid for digital hotel concepts

Bridging Aid III for the hotel industry

With the Bridging Aid III, the federal government wants to support entrepreneurs and self-employed persons financially during the pandemic. With the help of state subsidies, sales losses are to be cushioned, hygiene concepts advanced and digital projects promoted. In this blog post, you find out who is eligible for funding, what the requirements are for Bridging Aid III, and which projects are eligible for subsidies of up to €20,000.  

Bridging Aid III for digital hygienic hotel concepts

With the decision of the Bridging Aid III of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF), the maximum funding amount is increased to up to 1.5 million euros per month and the Bridging Aid is extended until September 2021.

Bridging Aid III for the hotel industry
Bridging Aid III for the hotel industry
Bridging Aid III for the hotel industry

Who can apply for the grant ?

  • Companies, self-employed individuals, freelancers and organizations from all sectors that report annual sales of up to 750 million euros in 2020.
  • In addition, the limit does not apply to companies affected by closure orders based on a federal-state decision (e.g. hotel industry)

What are the requirements for Bridging Aid III ?

  • Annual sales of max. up to 750 million euros in 2020. Companies that were directly affected by the closures are excluded from the limit.
  • Special regulations: Special rules apply to companies established between January 1, 2019, and April 30, 2020
  • The prerequisite is a Corona-related drop in sales of at least 30% in each month for which the fixed cost subsidy is requested. The reference month in 2019 is decisive for the comparison

How is funding provided? Which projects are subsidized with up to €20,000?

Fixed cost subsidies for the hotel industry
Fixed cost subsidies due to revenue losses of >30% compared to the previous year 2019

Funding period: November 2020 – September 2021

  • up to 90 % of eligible fixed costs in the event of a > 70 % drop in sales
  • Up to 60 % of the eligible fixed costs in the case of a decrease in sales of between ≥ 50 % and ≤ 70 %.
  • Up to 40% of eligible fixed costs with ≥ 30% and < 50 % drop in sales
  • Recently, companies that have suffered a drop in sales of more than 50% in each of at least three months since November 2020 have received an equity grant. This is granted in addition to the regular subsidy
Promotion of hygiene and digitization concepts

Funding period: March 2020 – September 2021

  • Structural modernization, renovation or conversion measures are subsidized with up to €20,000 per month for the implementation of hygiene concepts (also retroactively until March 2020)
  • Investments in digitization (e.g. digital check-in/out) are subsidized once with up to € 20,000
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20,000 € funding for your digital check-in/out

Check-in/out is of central importance in hotels. Many people meet at the reception desk or in the lobby. That’s why the rules on cleanliness and spacing should be observed particularly closely there. Contactless and digital check-in/out helps hoteliers to ensure hygiene rules and to delight guests with a modern and secure check-in/out process right at the start of their stay.

Hotelbird is the leading provider of digital check-in/out solutions in Germany and the optimal partner for the digitalization of your hotel processes. Depending on the hotel concept, Hotelbird offers the right solution and clearly stands out from the competition due to its focus on the digitalization of the check-in/out process, which has now lasted six years. The offer starts with an addition of an optional digital check-in/out to the normal check-in/out process and goes all the way to the complete replacement of the reception desk with automated services. The multi-channel approach of Hotelbird thus offers the appropriate check-in/out services for any customer preferences.

How to apply for Bridging Aid?

Application period: Until September 30, 2021

The application can be made through a tax advisor, a certified public accountant, a lawyer or a certified auditor. The costs incurred for this will be reimbursed on a pro rata basis.

All other information on how to apply for Bridging Assistance III can be found on the Federal Department’s site.

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