Hotelbird als Marktführer für digitale Check-in/out Lösungen

We provide the core technology for every host to operate profitable and give every guest a great experience with our digital services.

Hotelbird has established itself as the leading provider of digital check-in/out solutions since its foundation in 2015. We have by far the largest market share in Germany and enjoy great trust in the hotel industry. All leading German hotel chains rely on the Hotelbird platform. As the first specialized provider on the market, we now bring an enormous wealth of experience that benefits our partners.

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The Founder Story.

Every company has its own story. A few lines about impulses, visions and drive. A few words about how the conviction arose to be able to lead the hotel industry into a new digital age without losing your soul.

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The hotel industry is versatile, just like you.

Since the foundation of Hotelbird in 2015, we are constantly looking for individuals who want to pursue a great vision with us. Over time, we have been able to create strong positions for this purpose to give each employee the necessary scope for their personal realization. We maintain an open corporate culture that encourages the maximum out of your achievements and provides space for your development. Hotelbird is a strong team that does not pretend and describe its values … but lives them!

Frequently asked questions:

What distinguishes Hotelbird from other providers?

Hotelbird is the leading provider of digital check-in/out solutions in Germany. Our specialists are characterized by years of experience in interface development. The deep integration into Property Management Systems (PMS) allows a high level of automation and a variety of configuration options. Integration with locking system providers enables the use of Hotelbird technology with key cards, BLE, PIN/QR codes and online. Interfaces to a wide range of payment providers ensure the use of all common payment methods. With the Progressive Web App, an app for BLE door opening and the Self-Service Terminal, Hotelbird has the most channels for the guest.

Hotelbird integrates into an already existing digital environment and does not require extensive setup or relearning. Employees of our hotel partners are trained and advised in detail on the ideal use of the software. The digitally controlled check-in/check-out can be seamlessly integrated into (almost) any software environment. The Hotelbird technology supports both legacy and innovative new systems. By simply changing PMS or locking system providers, the goal of a unified guest journey independent of third-party providers is also within reach for hotel managers.

They also learn how to evaluate the guest journey with intelligent analysis tools. Security and the legally compliant handling of all processes between guest and hotel enjoy top priority. All our databases and 95 percent of our servers are located in Germany.

For the expansion of our market leadership and the implementation of further plans, such as the expansion into European markets, we are pleased about the trust of our renowned investors, who support us with their large network and expertise.
Another important success factor is our corporate culture, which has grown over the years and is characterized by respectful cooperation, open communication and a solution-oriented approach in the interests of our customers.


Why should a hotel use the Hotelbird platform?

Online check-in/out has now become the standard in the modern hotel industry. More and more guests expect digital service in hotels. The younger generation in particular is used to completing formalities digitally. A lack of automated solutions quickly leads to a lack of understanding among this group of guests.

Hotelbird was founded for the hotel industry, all employees bring a strong industry background. Founder and CEO Juan A. Sanmiguel comes from a hotelier family himself and is familiar with the hotel industry down to the last detail. All of our technology and hotel industry experts share a common passion, as our heart beats for overcoming challenges in the hotel industry.

Does Hotelbird replace the reception?

Depending on the hotel concept, Hotelbird offers the appropriate solution and clearly stands out from the competition thanks to its focus on the digitalization of the check-in/out process, which has now lasted six years. The offer starts with an addition of an optional digital check-in to the normal check-in process and goes all the way to the complete replacement of the reception desk by automated services.

Hotelbird’s multi-channel approach thus offers the right check-in services for any customer preference.
Hotelbird supports not only a Progressive Web App, but also a native app for BLE door opening and digital guest folder as well as self-service terminals at the hotel lobby. This ensures maximum flexibility and 100% accessibility for guests. As an absolute specialist in interface development, we offer 2 way interfaces to all leading providers and are continuously developing them further. Our CI interfaces guarantee the most comprehensive product functionalities for the greatest possible automation, which benefits both hoteliers and guests. The simple and fast implementation of digital, contactless check-in/out increases efficiency and significantly reduces costs.

What is important to digitize a hotel?


The success of digital solutions in hotels depends first and foremost on the right mindset. Those responsible must be prepared to invest in the future of the company and also anchor this attitude deeply in the corporate culture. Digitization succeeds when the entire team is behind it and lives it.

Another important success factor is the provision of the appropriate technical infrastructure. With Hotelbird, hotels have a partner at their side who masters all technical challenges together with them. In the future, hotels will have to optimize their processes to create a leaner cost structure. Digital check-in/out is a process that can be implemented quickly and reduce costs sustainably.

Strong communication on all available channels helps to notify guests about the new services and thus achieve a clear competitive advantage.

Will digital check-in become established in the future?

Yes. We no longer see digital check-in as a nice-to-have, but as an absolute standard in the hotel industry, which is becoming a decisive criterion for hotel bookings. Hotels without automated solutions will have no chance of surviving in the medium term, because guests increasingly expect contactless check-in options.

The use of digital solutions has now found its way into almost all industries, so that in the future it will be learned to check in or pay digitally. Airlines, food delivery services, car sharing or all common booking tools are already demonstrating this and offer considerable added value. This development is currently taking place in almost all industries and will become more and more the norm in the future. Generations Y and Z, for example, no longer know life without an iPhone.

Will my hotel become more impersonal by using the Hotelbird platform?

No, Hotelbird supports the daily operations in the hotel noticeably and sustainably and even promotes personal service. We do not want to change the hotel, our vision is to make the hotel industry digitally competitive. Technology is used in a supportive way and serves to automate tedious and recurring processes. To this end, it is important to know that digital processes cannot be stopped, are now considered standard and will be demanded by guests in the future. We know the problems in the prevailing system landscape and would like to start there. Hotelbird works in the background and is easy to use for guests and hotels. Depending on the hotel concept, operators can achieve different levels of digitization with Hotelbird and sustainably reduce their operating costs.

Why is Hotelbird market leader?

Hotelbird has established itself as the leading provider of digital check-in/out solutions since its foundation in 2015. We have by far the largest market share in Germany and enjoy great trust in the hotel industry. All leading German hotel chains rely on the Hotelbird platform. As the first specialized provider on the market, we now bring an enormous wealth of experience that benefits our partners.

Hotelbird is considered an absolute specialist in interface development. Together with PMS providers, locking system manufacturers and payment providers, we are constantly developing intelligent interfaces. These are characterized above all by the special depth of functionality. A guest can experience a 100% digital guest journey with our solution. For this purpose, we use the highest number of permanently connected interfaces to PMS, payment and locking system manufacturers, which enables us to connect a large number of hotels without any problems. By constantly updating these interfaces, we are able to offer our customers a stable, secure system that also leads the market in terms of competitive capabilities.

With our various channels via the Progressive Web App, our iOS and Android App, the Self-Service Terminal or the online check-in/out via our partner, we guarantee the highest flexibility for the hotel guest.

Is Hotelbird suitable for every hotel?

Basically, any hotel can use the Hotelbird platform. Our solutions are suitable for any type of accommodation where guest traffic takes place. It does not matter if it is a large hotel chain or a small individual hotel. It is also possible to equip serviced apartments, business or MICE hotels, hostels or motels with our platform.

Digital services in hotels do not mean a changeover, but are a useful addition. We advise hotels free of charge and without obligation and define the goals for digitization together. Depending on the technical infrastructure in operation, a certain level of digitization can be achieved. We accompany our customers every step of the way and feel responsible for the success of the digital solutions.

What is the importance of interfaces at Hotelbird?

Since the foundation of Hotelbird, we have focused on functioning, stable and updated interfaces to PMS, payment and locking system providers. In this area we can offer the most firmly connected interfaces on the market and work together with the leading vendors such as Oracle, Protel, Assa Abloy, Salto, Messerschmitt, Häfele, Hotek or even Paypal, Six, Concardis, Adyen and many more. We have developed these interfaces together with the providers and are constantly updating them. Due to the already existing integrations your hotel saves time and money. For example, a Protel interface exists only with our system, because the development requires a corresponding expertise and size of live hotels.

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